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Have fun with your camera
Shoot at least one roll of film
Develop film before class Tues March 19


Requirements for Thursday, March 8 - Midterm

Items for your Envelope:

1) Four 8X10 prints - from roll 3 or later (if possible)
2) Contact sheets for all rolls shot

Before the end of class I will check your shoot notebook and your binder to check for your recording and storing of negatives.

Contact sheet scans:
All ccontact sheets scanned to your folder on the Cazshare drive.


Label your work

Contact sheets and prints must be labeled with your name, roll number and date made

Enlargements must be labeled with your name, roll number and frame number.

You can have notes on the back of prints and contact sheets - 
This information can help you print more.


Burn and Dodge

Years ago the only way to print a photo was to make test strips, make a test print, go back and dodge and burn details, make more test strips, another test print and so on and so on until you got the result you were after. In these photos released by Magnum Photos in New York, you can get a closer look at the process followed by their master printer, Pablo Inirio. 


Marking up and Altering Exposure

As shown in the photos, Pablo makes his test prints, makes his decisions about how the final print should look, and then makes himself notes on the photo for how he'll make the final print. Kinda makes you re-think getting it right in camera no?


Developing Film

Shoot third roll over weekend,
Develop before class Tuesday


Current Assignment-
Shoot second roll of film.
Develop BEFORE class

Shooting Film


Exposure Meters and Zones

Each zone is related to a change of one EV
One change of f/stop or shutter speed 


Reading the Scene

A purist using the zone system will read the areas of the scene for their values and plan their exposure to include all ranges from black shadows to almost white highlights.

We are mostly interested in getting the proper exposure to have some detail in the shadow areas - the darkest part of the image.


B&W Zones compared to Computer RGB values

Values from black to white are measured in Zones for film and printed paper, computer images are measures in a scale form 0 to 256 increments of value.