CAZ College (SA263) Digital Photo Reisman Hall 06  - Tu/Th 6:00pm~8:50pm

Photo Skills Assessment
Basic areas you should be familiar with

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Photo Skills Assessment

This digital class is based on your accomplishments and skills acquired in previous classes.
This assessment is designed to evaluate and confirm your mastery of the photo basics photographers should know so we can move forward to additional skills and professional practices.



Shoot in JPG file format - (or RAW + jpg)  
Shoot at Least 200 photos
Upload to shoot folder in sharedrive
Do not edit your photos.
Shoot any subjects you choose.
Do not shoot in the studio.
Do not use flash - You can use any other lights/reflectors etc.



Shoot for each of these:
1 Motion blur
1 Motion Freeze
1 Deep Depth of Field
1 Shallow Depth of Field
1 Strong Directional Light
1 Portrait (group or single subject) absolutely no animals
1 Human condition (people in any location - unaware of your camera)
1 Night shots
2 Your Choice Best Images



Photos in "Shoot Folder"
Selected in a "final" folder.
Name each file with F18_(your initials)_ Skill_(category)

we will Print Two Images (in class)

Only jpg files in final folder.