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SHOOT CheckList

  1. IN Darkroom:- Load film holders, Notch in upper right corner, White or Silver tab side out
  2. Equipment: Camera, Lens, Tripod, Film holders, Magnifier, Dark cloth
  3. Subject/Lighting/Position:  Choose subject and location, check for good lighting, find best position to compose the photo.
  4. Tripod: Set up tripod, attach camera securely
  5. Rough Framing/Focusing:  Extend the bellows to about the focal length of the lens.
  6. Open the Lens: set f/stop to largest opening and open the shutter
  7. Compose/Focus: use dark cloth and fine tune composition and focus with magnifier. Check the whole image area for distracting elements.
  8. Close the lens
  9. Meter the Light: check the exposure with meter, confirm with second meter in digital camera or app. (check this just before you shoot in case the light has changed.
  10. Exposure settings: set the f/stop and shutter speed 
  11. Film Holder: Insert the film holder, pull out dark slide. Steady the camera and press the holder against the camera back while you remove or insert the slide to prevent light leaks.
  12. Check your subject: make sure nothing has changed while you set up.
  13. Expose Film: gently press the shutter release or use a cable release to reduce camera movement
  14. Dark Slide: Insert dark slide with black side showing to indicate exposed film.
  15. Remove Holder: Take the holder out and prepare for another exposure
  16. Secure:  turn the safety lock on the film holder to prevent accidental exposure, store the film holder in a clean safe place.