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The goal is to make great prints, subject matter is secondary.

Large Format Midterm:
Demonstrate your ability to use the new technology of LARGE FORMAT photography to produce 4 or more fine prints.
This requires your ability to:
1) Choose appropriate subjects to take advantage of the characteristics of the large camera and negative. Lighting is important. Have a variety of subjects, locations.
2) Use the LF camera to compose and focus your subject accurately.
3) Use a light meter to get the proper exposure
4) Process the film to have an optimal clean negative for printing
5) Make  Proper Proof contact sheets of your negatives 
6) Make 4 8X10 or larger fine prints 

Items to turn in your envelope:
Prints - 4 or more
All Contact Sheets - including contacts that you shot but didn't print
Log Book- your shooting Log-Book indicating everything you have shot this far

Make sure you have identified everything - Contact Sheets and Prints should link to logbook

Make sure you have completed the self evaluation for each shoot

I will be backing up your share-drive folders - to see your digital shots that match your film.