Digital Photography - Cazenovia College
Be Sure to Bring Your Camera to Class

The Digital Photo class requires the same equipment as Photo One with the addition of an External Flash with appropriate cord and wireless device to work with your camera.


Equipment needs for the class
You MUST have a camera- (not a smart phone/tablet)
Your camera MUST adjust the shutter speed the lens aperture (f/stop) and has manual focus option.
Photo majors must have a Digital SLR camera

Digital Camera Selection

Camera selection is complicated-
A DSLR (Digital single lens reflex) is great but not necessary-
A DSLR can be restricting...
they can't easily do macro close-up photos and their bulk makes it difficult to have the camera handy at all times.
A full function point and shoot style camera is easier to carry-
Students are expected to shoot a lot for the class and having the camera handy is helpful.

Megapixel size is not important (anything 5 mp or more is OK). Style can be Digital SLR or point and shoot Digicam.

(Shutter priority and Aperture Priority)

A good reference site is DP Review- with a camera feature search section- Look for the features of aperture priority and shutter priority. Check the features on your camera with this database.

Using manual control of your camera

Digital File Management

You need extra camera storage media (memory cards) [sd, cf, xd, stick] Cameras create different size files-
you need at least enough storage space to take 200 high quality images in a session.


You will also need an external hard-drive to back up your work.
You need a second (Backup) Battery and charger for your camra


You must have a steady camera support.
A full size tripod

ACE Hardware- Lowes - Home Depot
You also need an inexpensive Clamp-On Light with a 100watt equivalent LED or compact fluorecsent bulb
(Clamp LIght at Amazon)

Bulbs at Amazon

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