Listen to the Studio 360 program about creativity and then
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Listen to the Bob Dylan Song "Desolation Row" use your lyric sheet to follow.
Try to bring up mental images that correspond with the lyrics.
You should note that he makes many references that seem disjointed.

He uses juxtaposition to connect two unrelated thoughts or words...
think about how images come into your mind and how they don't always make sense.

Use your camera to capture or create images that are inspired by passages in the song.
Keep in mind the challenges to be creative in the Studio 360 program.
You should feel free to be as creative and daring as Dylan was with his lyrics.

Don't settle for the first thing you do, experiment and push boundaries.

Use all the tools you have as a creative photographer.
Motion, Depth of field and Lighting can make the difference between ordinary pictures and Compelling Photographs.

Shoot a lot -
create at least two different strong images from the song.
We will share these in class on Tuesday 10/25

Studio 360 program "So you think you are creative"

Bob Dylan Nobel Prize in literature

Desolation Row Lyrics (pdf)
Bob Dylan Version

my chemical romance version

Grateful Dead version


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