Final Portfolio
S16 Photo One

Paul Pearce


All files should be named with your initials, class designation and identification of the work.

Include copies of your 3 PDF Presentations:

S16_PEA_Final Portfolio.pdf

File Name Examples:
S16_PEA_motion blur 1.jpg
S16_PEA_motion freeze 1.jpg
S16_PEA_DOF Deep.jpg
S16_PEA_DOF Shallow.jpg

S16_PEA_portrait 1.jpg
S16_PEA_portrait 2.jpg
S16_PEA_human condition .jpg
S16_PEA_human condition2.jpg
S16_PEA__choice 1.jpg
S16_PEA_choice 2.jpg

do this for all your files-
if you edited the files you must include the original camera file and the photoshop PSD file in a subfolder labeled work images.



Depth of Field Guides-
Be careful in your choice of images

You will make a PDF Presentation AND include original and edited files representing the major assignments this semester in the FINAL PORTFOLIO FOLDER.

You will also include your Inspired-By and Personal Exhibition Presentations

This should be your strongest work showing your mastery of the technical components as well as strong design and content.

1 Motion blur
1 Motion Freeze
1 Deep Depth of Field
1 Shallow Depth of Field
2 Strong Directional Light
2 Portraits
2 Human condition
2 Your Choice Best Images

There should be variety in the work-
Don't include the same subject in more than one category

Don't include images turned in for previous assignments

Work should be newly shot starting with the People assignment- nothing earlier.

Keep these attributes in mind for each image.
Technical properties: focus, exposure, contrast, color
Aesthetic qualities: content, composition, framing, point of view
Assignment attribute: strong motion/ dof etc...