Paul Pearce

Digital Photo Initial Workflow
After shooting the images- bringing them into the computer

  • Turn camera off
  • Remove memory card from camera (faster than attaching camera to computer)
  • Put memory card in card reader (there is only one correct way- do not force) The computer has a slot for SD cards - use an external reader for other card types.
  • Memory card will show up on your desktop. Make sure your card has a name (use your initials- in case you lose your card it can be identified)
  • Create a folder for the assignment on the desktop, create a subfolder for "shoot"
  • Copy and paste the photos from this shoot on your card into the folder on the desktop.
  • Open Adobe Bridge program.
  • Find your folder to look at thumbnail images of your folder.
  • You can now remove your card from the reader-
    do not just take it from the reader... You have to "drag it to the trash" or eject the card before removing.
  • Rename all your images
    First select all images.
    go to Tools/Batch Rename
    Use only two lines of attribution -
    (1)Line one - TEXT - Use F18M + underscore _last name initials, abbreviate assignment (WU for warmup)
    (2) Line two - Use current filename

  • example for Paul Pearce: F18_PP_wu_CIM00216 "cim00216" is the filename from the camera, it is put in automatically for each file
  • Keep all your original images. Do not delete any images- we can learn from our mistakes.
  • Open your folder on the student share drive.
  • Copy the assignment folder from the desktop to your sharedrive folder (now you have 2 copies - one is your backup on the desktop)
  • Rate your images using the star rating - 5= best 1= loser.
  • Back up images on your removable drive.
  • Fill out the Self Evaluation Form to report your sucess and problems


Paul Pearce Photo One