The portrait has been a significant part of photo history, almost going back to its invention.
After reviewing the basics learned in photo one and two, we start the semester with an exercise using the most convient of all subject matter - yourself.

Your challenge as a photographer is what to photograph and why you photograph.
Self portrait photography can be significant and profound. It can also be a way to create something when you cannot find or think of a better idea. This exercise challenges you to photograph yourself in a way that is both creative and insightful. After this exercise, you will not use self portraits for the remainder of the semester (with exceptions for exceptional justification).

To explore the resource material for inspiration, and create a selection of self portraits creatively and insightfully
You should use this project to demonstrate your creativity and your ability to use photographic techniques to show the viewer a vbisual interpretation of your personality.

You will be evaluated on effort, technical mastery and creativity.

This exercise is a prelude to the remainder of the semester where you will be learning new techniques and being challenged to use them effectively and creatively.

read: Why You Should Be Taking More Self Portraits
read: Famous self portrait Photogrgaphers

read and explore "Insights: Self portraits by women" pdf

Consider the categories presented in this book
Exploration of Sexuality
Incorporation of Natural Forms
Nostalgia & the past
Fears and the unsettling
Conscious & Unconscious archetypal imagery
Formal visual issues
Dreams and Fantasies
Humor and Satire

Experiment with your camera to create self portraits (not selfies)
Think about how your persona changes in different roles and circumstances.

Pick at least three of the categories and create self portraits representing different aspects of your personality or life.

Shoot a lot, experiment. You will need your tripod and use your self timer.

In some circumstances you can have an assistant press the shutter after you stage the photograph.

Use all the photo tools you have at make visually strong and compelling images.
Depth of Field

artist names