Digital Photo Workflow- Steps to shoot and process your photos

Make sure your camera is set up properly.

Before You Shoot:

  1. Charge Battery (carry extra battery)
  2. Make sure memory card is clean or has enough room to shoot (bring extra card)
  3. Clean your lens

During your Shoot:

  1. Select shooting mode (Auto, Program, Aperture or Shutter priority, Scene mode etc.)
  2. Check focus mode (Auto, Macro)
  3. Confirm white balance (Auto?)
  4. Check for exposure compensation + or - (should be off)
  5. Take wonderful photos

After Shooting - Processing

  1. Turn off camera
  2. Remove memory card
  3. Use a card reader to copy photos to the computer by either:
    Use your photo editing program to automatically copy images to the computer
  4. OR Create a folder on the computer for your photos and copy the photos to this folder
  5. Use a photo editing program to re-name your photos with a distinctive identification (keep your camera ID number)
  6. Back up (copy) this folder and images to another physical device (flash drive, hard drive, CDor DVD)
  7. Back up your images to an on-line site (cloud storage) if you have an account

You can now edit, print and share your images.

Don't clean off your card until your images are backed up to 2 different physical places (hard drive, disc etc...)


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