Canon Printer Instructions (iPF8400)
Make sure image is set to proper print size and at a resolution of 300dpi
Make sure color profile is set to Adobe RGB (1998)
Be sure to SAVE your image after making any corrections.

. File> Print

2. Printer: RH006_MAIN WIDE

3. Print Settings > Paper Size >Manage Custom Sizes

Add a new Paper Size
Set Width to width of paper roll (24" or 36")
Set Height of paper to chosen height of your image plus margin
Leave margins at default
Replace `Untitled' with the actual paper size (ex. 24 x 20")
Click `OK'

4. Open the Layout Menu Choose Main

Media Type
(Match to paper in printer, ex. Canon Premium Semi-Gloss Paper 2 280)

Click on Advanced Settings
1. Print Priority: Image
2. Print Quality: High (600 dpi)
Uncheck Fast Graphic Process

b. Choose Page Set-Up

Paper Source: Roll Paper
Roll Width: Set to width of roll (24" or 36")
Check: Print Centered
Click Save

5. Color Handling: Photoshop Manages Colors

Set Paper Profile: Canon iPF8400 Premium SemiGlossy Paper 2 280

6. Rendering Intent: Perceptual
Check: Black Point Compensation

7. After print is finished, press CUT button on printer to cut the paper from the roll.

Do NOT Turn OFF the Printer
Make sure you let the prints dry for 10 minutes before touching

Check for correct settings at every single print