Large Format Photography - Cazenovia College

This class will explore photography with cameras that capture images on light sensitive material that is larger than 35mm film

Equipment and Supply needs for the class
Large Format cameras will be provided - you can be guided to acquire your own camera

Equipment and supply requirements:
Light meter (ambient light and electronic flash). Ex. Sekonic L-558 or L-608
(There is one working light meter for use in the Studio)
4x5 sheet film (2 – 50 sheet boxes recommended): B/W: 100 or 400 ISO, Kodak or Ilford
Changing Bag
Sheet Film Holders (at least 2)
Paper: B/W, RC, Multigrade, 8x10” (Ilford is recommended)
B/W, Fiber, Multigrade, 11x14”
4x5 negative storage pages
3 Ring binder, Folder
Small logbook (to carry when you shoot)
Hand Towel

Freestyle 1-800-292-6137,
B&H 1-800-947-9970,
Light Impressions (portfolio boxes, matting supplies, archival material, frames and accessories) 1-800-828-6216,

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