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Large Format Photography

Paul W. Pearce

This class is an advanced photography class, emphasizing the capturing of images with cameras using film that is larger than 35mm film. Large Format Photography is a way of working that is deliberate and thought-out, it requires attention to detail and a controlled workflow.

This class is is for students who already mastered the basics of photography, both traditional and digital.

Students should already have an understanding of these basic photo skills:

Focus, Exposure, Motion, Depth of field, Lighting, Composition, Content

Students will be responsible for subject matter and ideas for their



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Cameras and Equipment

We Provide the cameras
You provide:
* Strong tripod
* Light meter
(apps are OK, Meters are better) Used meters can be found on ebay
* 4x5 sheet film holders
We provide some film holders but have limited supply.  You are encouraged to have several film holders of your own.  Each holder    can hold 2 sheets of film.
* Changing Bag
You will be working in the darkroom to load and process film.   A changing bag allows you to reload your film holders when you are on location.


Film: 4x5 sheet film (2–50 sheet boxes recommended): B/W: 100 or 400 ISO, Kodak or Ilford Paper:
B/W, RC, Multigrade, 8x10” (Ilford is recommended)
* B/W, Fiber, Multigrade, 11x14”
Other Supplies
* 4x5 negative storage pages
* 3 Ring binder, Folder
* Mat Board  for presentation
paper and presentation materials


Practical Exercises
Technical Assignments
Formal Projects

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