During the last class we shared our initial proposals for the advocacy
assignment. Anyone who missed the class HAS to email me your ideas
(3) and describe any ideas on how you might accomplish this. You don't
have to commit to any of these but you will start with an initial
test shoot.

Between now and Tuesday you are to start shooting, loosely- just to
see how it might work out. Think of this roll as a rough draft or even
sketches in a notebook that will help the in creative process.


Remember to consider metaphor and symbolic elements.
You will ultimately end up with a collection of photos that relate but aren't necessarily all of
the same subject.

You will have the roll developed and ready to print a test print on
Tuesday. I want to work with each of you in the darkroom to make sure
you understand your enlarger and the tactics I recommend when making a
print. For some of you this will be just a courtesy check up.

On the site for this class I have two links to "World Press Photo"
photographs of the year.
On one site there are 5 photographs with detailed descriptions and
information from the photographer. The other site has a gallery of all
50 award winning photographs with brief descriptions.



You are to visit these sites and choose a photograph that resonates
with you. Write up your impressions of this photograph, analyze it on
its content and also critique it on photographic terms.
It point is; although they are journalistic records of profound
events, they also (for the most part) are visually strong images
worthy of hanging on a gallery wall.
It is this combination of significant content and strong design and
visual impact that make them so powerful.

Have this written up for Tuesday.