We are using 400 speed B&W film:
Look for "ISO 400" - this is the film speed

36 exposure rolls should be used.
You get more frames for the money and get more practice on each roll that you develop.
Do the math to figure how much each frame will cost you when you buy. Figure in shipping costs.

Buying locally is more convenient and may not be more expensive if you buy in quantity - form a buying group in your class.

14 rolls 36 exposure Ilford or Kodak 400 speed film

Kodak Tri-X or TMAX 400 black and white film, 36 exposure

Ilford HP-5 or Delta 400 film


Central NY Sources for new and used camera equipment:
Ra-Lin Discounter 625 Burnet Ave, Syracuse, New York 13203, 315-472-7872
M Q Camera Center Inc, 226 Hawley Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13203 (315) 471-3103
Johnson camera


B&H Photo

Caution! Kodak makes a "Black & White" film Kodak Black & White 400 Plus
that can't be developed in our developer.
It is designed to be developed with color film. Look for "process C-41 on the box.
Don't buy it for this class - it is otherwise a fine film.

Paul Pearce - Photo