First Roll of Film Checklist:
After shooting the film test in class, the remainder can be shot in any order-

Indoor shots may need a tripod or other camera support.

The film test shots can be repeated any time during the semester.

Film test white 1
Film test black 2
Film test Gray 3
Film test white 4
Film test black 5

Outside shot in sunlight, sun at your back: Sunny 16 exposure (f16 at 1/film speed) For 400 speed film : f/16 at 1/500 sec
Outside shot in shade
Landscape distance shot
Outside Closeup (as close as your camera focuses)
Indoor Closeup (as close as your camera focuses)
Indoor room shot
Self Portrait in mirror
Self Portrait at arms length
Self portrait using camera timer
Moving subject fast shutter speed
Moving subject slow shutter speed
Camera Horizontal
Camera Vertical
Camera tilted off level
Looking up from low angle
Looking down from high angle
Self timer with camera on the ground

Finish the roll with any subjects you choose

properproof home