Advanced Photography:
Self Directed Project

You will create a body of photographic work that showcases your photographic skills and artistic ambitions.

You will design a project that challenges you technically and reflects your artistic vision.
This work will form a cohesive collection that works together formally and conceptually.
You will examine examples from Light Work Contact sheet publications.

You will produce at least 5 fiber based black & white prints (11 X 14), mounted or overmatted for presentation.

For evaluation and planning purposes, you will submit and discuss a written proposal (may be changed or modified)
by Thursday, November 10.

There will be a work in progress critique on Tuesday Nov 22.
Contact sheets and work prints will be reviewed.
This will be evaluated as part of your project grade.
There will be a sign-up sheet for these evaluations.

The final body of work is due on or before Thursday, December 8.


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