Exhibition Assignment
How do you photograph an idea?

Creating a series of photographs that relate visually and conceptually.
1. any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity.
2. a thought, conception, or notion:
3. an impression:
4. an opinion, view, or belief:
5. a plan of action; an intention:
6. a groundless supposition; fantasy.
7.Philosophy.a concept developed by the mind, a conception of what is desirable or ought to be; ideal.

The goal is to express your concept by using symbols and/or metaphor - not a literal illustration.

You will produce a collection of images similar to the groups of images found in a publication like Light Work's Contact Sheet or in a gallery or museum show.

  1. Start with a proposal Explain what your IDEA is and how you might express it.
  2. Follow up with a discussion with the teacher
  3. Shoot and proof an initial roll
  4. Evaluate that roll and plan a second shoot
  5. Shoot a second roll - proof and evaluate
  6. Produce a series of photographs that express your idea (at least 4 images)
  7. Fill out an artist Statement for your work
  8. Mat or Mount your prints for presentation
  9. Turn in Log sheet, Contact sheets from this assignment and your prints.
    Make sure everything is labeled
Contact Sheets: Name, Date, Roll Number
From your log sheet and log book -the number since the start of the semester, not this assignment
Prints: Name, Roll # Frame Number