Photo One  

Work on these forms in class.
Complete the Masters of Photography form over the weekend
Use this page to go through the forms and reach the class exercises.

(1) Fill in the student information form, tell me about yourself, your experience, your expectations

(2) Search the web for an in-depth review of your camera - start with dp review for the best reviews, if you can't find your camera there, search around for a technical review. (you will copy the web link into the next form- so don't lose it)

(3) Find the information and fill in this camera equipment form with information about your camera equipment.

Download a copy (PDF) of your camera manual and save it for further reference.

(4) Use the next form to explore photographers at the Masters-of-Photography site. Take your time to look through and find images that capture your attention. The form asks you to tell me about a photographers work that you like AND also a photographer you don't like.
This can be completed over the weekend (By Saturday night) if you run out of time in class.

Consider the body of work that the photographer has done- don't single out an image that doesn't represent the overall style of the artist.

(5) Look over the guide to taking better photographs to get some ideas for the warmup exercise shoot

(6) Check the workflow Shoot a variety of test photos with your camera- Some in classroom, Some in Studio, Some outside (about a dozen) - upload your images to the computer

(7) Warmup exercise- you will use your camera in program or automatic mode (without flash) to capture images under a variety of lighting.
Subject matter is your choice but you should get creative and shoot a lot. We will examine and share these images next week.



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