shoot images in different lighting with a range of white balance settings on your camera




wiki-How Adjusting your white balance
Ken Rockwell - How to set WB

You may need to consult your camera manual to understand
Custom or Pre-set White Balance
Guide for Canon camera Custom White Balance

Guide for Nikon camera Custom White balance

White Balance Exercise

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Use your camera in many different lighting conditions to see how it reacts to changes in lighting temperature.
Five shots
for each scene-
Auto, Daylight (sun), Shade, Tungsten, Custom.

Shoot the range of White Balance Settings in at least 5 different lighting conditions:

Shoot in outdoor (Shade, Cloudy, Sunny) and indoor (tungsten, fluorescent) and any other lighting you can find.Shoot mixed lighting sources (window outdoor light with tungsten inside light).

Shoot at Night

Set your camera to the different white balance settings it has (see chart).Make sure to use the custom white balance setting.

You will need a white target to set the custom balance (white paper etc.)In class you will import, label and make a contact sheet from your images.

Shoot at least 100 images -
This test series plus random shots under different lighting conditions.


White Balance Overview Album