Pinhole Photography

Paul Pearce

1) in class shoot

In class we will examine different types and designs of pinhole cameras.
We will cover f/stops and their relationship to focal length.

Bring a light tight container and you can make your own pinhole camera


Time, light sensitivity, f/stops and focal length determine the exposure and perstective of your pinhole camera.

Paint Can Pinhole Cameras for Creativity & Fun
The Paint Can Pinhole Camera is the simplest of cameras. Each can is drilled with a precision pinhole aperture (0.5mm), and is ready for immediate use. Just load a sheet of photographic paper or film and expose it! Available in both Quart (5" H x 4 1/4" diameter) and Gallon (7 1/2" H x 6 1/2" diameter) sizes with a magnetic shutter and a complete user guide enclosed. Because of its simplicity, the Paint Can Pinhole Camera provides room for experimenting and learning more about basic photographic processes. It is also just plain fun to use!

The Paint Can Pinhole Camera was developed and patented by Jim Kosinski. In 2008, Noted LLC acquired the patent from Jim and now manufacturers the cameras to his specifications. US Patent#6618556. Paint Can Pinhole Cameras are made in the USA.