Film Camera Equipment Selection
Film & paper supplies

There are hundreds of cameras that should work well for learning basic photography.
The recommended camera is a single lens reflex (SLR) camera, either new or used in good working condition.
You can test your camera by exposing a roll of color film and having it processed. Shoot in different lighting conditions to make sure it is working correctly.
If you are borrowing a camera, have the owner explain how it works! Get an instruction manual!

Manual control of focus and exposure is necessary.
Cameras designed to operated manually are easier to use in this course than fully automatic cameras with manual control as an option.

Recommended Camera features for easier learning.
Newer autowind/focus cameras are fine- more complicated to learn the basics

Direct reading shutter speed control.

Lens with aperture control,
lens aperture scale, distance scale.

A camera support (Required)

Inexpensive ($20) tripods can be purchased used or in camera stores / many discount stores.
Depth of field preview control. (harder to find but very useful)
Newer autowind/focus cameras are fine, but more complicated to learn the basics

Working light meter in camera or accessory hand held light meter.
Zoom lenses are great but are not recommended for this class. A Normal focal length lens (45mm-55mm) is best.

We will not be using electronic flash in this class.

It is important to have extra batteries for your camera (some camera batteries are not easily found)
Instruction manual - cameras can have features that need instructions to figure out (new electronic cameras).

Examples of some manual control cameras: 50mm lens preferred over zoom
Ebay can be a great source for used cameras- send me a link if youaren't sure.

PromasterNikon FM10Vivitar

Minolta SRT 101Pentax K1000 (e-bay link)

Central NY Sources for new and used camera equipment:
Ra-Lin Discounter 625 Burnet Ave, Syracuse, New York 13203, 315-472-7872