Photo One Equipment and Supplies

35mm camera with manual controls (focus, shutter, aperture) NO POINT-and-SHOOTS
Normal 45-55mm lens
Extra batteries for camera, instruction manual

Tripod: good used tripods are a good bet
Light: Clamp light with LED Bulb or LED worklight (Lowes)

Film: 10 rolls 36 exposure Ilford or Kodak 400 speed film
5 rolls 120 medium format film (Later in semester)

Kodak Tri-X or TMAX 400 black and white film, 36 exposure

Ilford HP-5 or Delta 400 film


Caution! Kodak makes a "Black & White" film Kodak Black & White 400 Plus
that can't be developed in our developer.
It is designed to be developed with color film. Look for "process C-41 on the box.
Don't buy it for this class - it is otherwise a fine film.

Paper: Kodak Polycontrast or Ilford Multigrade paper, resin coated (RC), 8 x 10", glossy (100 sheets)

3-ring binder
Negative files: file and store negatives (bookstore)
Print files: store prints, contact sheets
Towel(s), gloves
Marker: Black sharpie, fine
Magnifying glass or loupe

Lens cleaning tissue or microfiber cleaning cloth

Mat board (5), 11 x 14" archival white or off white (Mat and dry mount tissue can be acquired after class demonstration)
You wil learn how to cut 6 11x14 pieces from a full sheet of 32" x 40" mat board.

Central NY Sources for new and used camera equipment:

Ra-Lins 625 Burnet Ave, Syracuse, New York 13203, 315-472-7872
Johnson Camera 6565 Kinne Rd. De Witt, NY 13214