Controlling Depth of Field

Shallow Depth of Field _____Medium Depth of Field _____Deep Depth of Field

click for Depth of Field demo animation

The lens opening (Aperture) is used to control the amount of light entering the camera.
It is also used to control the range of apparent sharpness in the image, Depth Of Field
Your camera can only be focused at one distance at a time.

The area that appears in sharp focus in front and back of this distance is the Depth Of Field.

Depth of Field is controlled by:
1) Type of lens: wide angle =more DOF, Telephoto = less DOF
2) Distance from subjects: Closer to subjects = less DOF, Farther from subjects = more DOF
3) Lens Aperture: Large aperture = less DOF Small aperture = more DOF

You adjust your focus to change the area included in the Depth Of Field.

If your camera doesn't have a wide range of f/stops- you should try experimenting with changes in focal length (ZOOM) and proximity to the subject- the closer you are the better chance of having shallow depth of field.

If your camera has a depth of field scale - you can measure your focus
and adjust your lens to get the best coverage.
The small numbers indicate the near and far focus points.

Shoot in Aperture Priority mode or any time you change the lens aperture you must check your exposure meter and adjust the shutter speed
to have a properly exposed negative.



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