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Finishing Up Flash Exercises

Create a Flash Final Folder
put example files of all the flash exercises
Make sure they are identified for type of flash 

Create a pdf file with these  examples 
Make sure they are identified for type of flash
1) On camera flash
2) Off Camera Flash
3) Slave Flash (2 or more flash units)
4) Front and Rear curtain motion capture


On-Camera Flash Exercise:

1) Become familiar with your camera's functioning using the built-in flash.
2) Using the menu and camera manual learn how your camera controlls the flash power using + & - EV control.
3) Discover how the camera measures the flash to control the exposure.  Learn how to use TTL (through the lens) metering and how to disable it.
4) Learn what happens when you use Aperture Priority, Shutter priority and Manual modes to change the balance between the ambient light  and the flash exposure on the subject.

SHOOT jpg plus RAW

a) Take photographs of subjects without and with on-camera flash to see how adding the light from the flash can change the image.

b) Shoot in multiple locations and lighting conditions, types of lighting and a variety of subject matter.

c) Experiment throughout the shoot with different combinations of flash power settings, aperture and shutter speed changes.

d) Create multiple series of images of the same subject showing how changes in flash can change the quality of the image.

e) Shoot freely and experimentally to gain familiarity with this important tool for image making.   Show your interest and effort by shooting in multiple sessions, different times of day, and different days.  (100 images shows mminimum effort)


Great Light In Your Pocket

Photography (Light Writing) needs light to capture an image.
What can you do when there just isn't enough light?

Turn on a lamp?
Use a flashlight?

Carry a powerful portable lightsource wherever you go-
Use an Electronic Flash or Speedlight


ON Camera Flash

+ it is always there
+ no cables necessary
+ If the camera battery is charged, the flash is charged
+ Often has through the lens metering for exposure
+ Can be used to trigger external flash units
+ can provide nice fill light
- Has potential for red-eye
- if it is only light source- produces flat- lifeless light
- if it is only light source- can cast un-natural shadows
- without filters has daylight balanced light only

Flash In the Landscape

Using flash in the landscape

Adding flash - on and off camera outside