Photo One ~ Final Portfolio

Demonstration mastery of the semester Projects

     You will make a PDF Presentation AND include original and edited files representing the major assignments this semester in the FINAL PORTFOLIO FOLDER.

You will also include your Inspired-By and Personal Exhibition Presentations

This should be your strongest work showing your mastery of the technical components as well as strong design and content.

Keep these attributes in mind for each image.
Technical properties: focus, exposure, contrast, color
Aesthetic qualities: content, composition, framing, point of view
Assignment attribute: strong motion/ dof etc... 

Required Images

Your strongest examples of your work

1 Motion blur
1 Motion Freeze
1 Deep Depth of Field
1 Shallow Depth of Field
2 Strong Directional Light
2 Portraits
2 Human condition
2 Your Choice Best Images 

There should be variety in the work-
Don't include the same subject in more than one category

Don't include images turned in for previous assignments

Work should be newly shot starting after midterm - nothing earlier.  

The motion and depth of field images should not be pairs like in the assignments.
They should be of different subjects showing the qualities of Frozen motion, Blurry Motion, Deep DOF and Shallow DOF.
The images should show that THE MOTION and DEPTH OF FIELD make the image stronger

Preparing your Work

Make sure your work is organized and labeled

All files should be named with your initials, class designation and identification of the work.

Include copies of your 3 PDF Presentations:

F7_PEA_Final Portfolio.pdf

File Name Examples:
F17_PEA_motion blur 1.jpg
F17_PEA_motion freeze 1.jpg
F17_PEA_DOF Deep.jpg
F17_PEA_DOF Shallow.jpg
F17_PEA_Dir_light 2.jpg 
F17_PEA_portrait 1.jpg
F17_PEA_portrait 2.jpg
F17_PEA_human condition1 .jpg
F17_PEA_human condition2.jpg
F17_PEA__choice 1.jpg
F17_PEA_choice 2.jpg

do this for all your files-
if you edited the files you must include the original camera file and the photoshop PSD file in a subfolder labeled work images.