Inspired By Project: 

Creating work that Emulates an established Artist

This assignment is intended to have you think of yourself as an artist. By investigating and documenting the work of another recognized artist you can gain insight to their background and motivations. Everyone has a special way of looking at the world and using photography is a way to express and share your vision. This is your opportunity to start exploring your own artistic vision.
You must choose a recognized photographic artist from the Image Resource Link Page You should explore additional references from the library and other publications. You will confirm your choice with me before you move on with any work for this project. It must be a photographer that I am familiar with or I have access to information about. More photographers can be found at the caz/photo blog.

You will start out with two or more photographers- this may change after your first shoot.

After finding your photographers- fill in the inspired by survey for each one listing the photographer, a link to a sample image and describe how you might shoot the photographs.


Research Your Artist

Discover your artist's backgraoung, influences and inspirations.  Critique your artist's work.

Using the “Criticizing Photographs” readings found on our web-site use the following guides to help develop your written project.
You should include reproductions of the work you reference. Include your sources including any web-site links you used.
1) Artist Background: Artist’s personal history: Time period, background, schooling, training, other influences, motivations:
2) Criticizing The artist’s work: refer to specific examples of work.
(web link to image example(s)

2a) Describe - What do you see, what do you know? subject, medium, form, style...
2b) Interpret -
What choices has the artist made? What is implied beyond the surface image? Is there a theme or style this work fits into. Does this work remind you of anything, can you compare it to any other work? Is there a message in any image or body of work that you can decipher by looking at the photographs.
2c) Evaluate - Praise/Judge Does it affect you? Does it evoke an emotional response?
2d) Theorize - Does this artist accomplish his or her mission. How is it art? How does this work reflect the artist’s world view?

3) Lasting impressions of the artist and the work.
Your general impressions of the artist and the work. What remains lingering in your head? What important points impressed you? What do you agree or disagree with?
4) What important points impressed you? What do you agree or disagree with?

>>>>important part<<<
5) How does what you learned about the artist relate to your personal vision? How does it relate to your work?
6) Your creative Process: Describe how you created the work you submitted with this project. What did you look for? What techniques did you use? Did you use special lighting, props, models? 
1) Original photographs done in the style of your chosen artist compiled in a slideshow with annotation (titles).

Creating your Work

Create Strong images - complile them in a PDF Presentation

The slideshow will be a PDF presentation that will display the images in a timed sequence.

The slideshow should start with a title page followed by sample images by your chosen photographer. The quantity of images depends on the style of the photographer... a prolific street photographer might inspire more images than a deliberate studio based formal photographer.

The images should show continuity of style and content while still exhibiting visual diversity.

2) The written report form Link

The Photographs:
Using all the skills you developed this semester, first shoot at least 100 images that emulates (not imitates) your selected artist. After reviewing your first shoot, refine your work by shooting more.

Refine your images in photoshop to the best quality and experiment with sequencing your images in the slideshow.

Artist Statement -
In addition to the brief artist statement at the end of your slideshow,
Complete this in-depth Artist Statement form