Welcome to SUNY Oswego Beginning Photography (Art 102 and Art 240)

Please contact me, Paul Pearce, if you have any questions.
email: photo@properproof.com My phone is (315)455-2697 (Syracuse area).

I set up the website properproof.com/photo for information about the class and to showcase some student work.

Don't worry about any lack of photo or art background- anyone can do well if you have patience and follow directions.

You don't need the supplies for the first class but you will need them soon after. I will explain in detail during the first class.
Photo supplies can be expensive so I recommend stocking up before starting the class.
Oswego no longer has a camera store and the bookstore has high prices so you might consider getting supplies at a photo store near your home or in Syracuse. There are many on-line sources also.

You should already know that you need a 35MM CAMERA that has manual control over the shutter speed and lens opening.
Please make sure the camera is in good working order and you have an EXTRA BATTERY for it. The instruction manual is also important (I work with a number of cameras but may not be familiar with yours)

You can bring the camera to the first class if you are unsure about it.

If you are not sure if it is functioning, I suggest using the camera to shoot and develop a short roll of color film to check it out (any 1 hr developer is OK).

You will be experimenting with slow shutter speeds which requires a TRIPOD or other camera support.

The website has more details

We provide the chemicals, you will provide the film and paper.
We use 400 speed Black & White film- 36 exposure length. You will need 10-14 rolls.

Caution! Kodak makes a "Black & White" film Kodak Black & White 400 Plus
that can't be developed in our developer. Don't buy it for this class - it is otherwise a fine film.
It is designed to be developed with color film. Watch out for "process C-41 on the box.

It is important to get the correct paper- it comes in 25 sheet packages and 100 sheet boxes.
Most students use a whole box of 100 during a regular semester.
It is important that the paper is 8"X10" RC(Resin Coated), glossy and polycontrast (or multigrade).
Kodak Polycontrast, Ilford Multigrade paper or Freestyle EDU are common papers students use.

Make sure you get photographic paper, not digital- inkjet paper. Photographic paper can't be opened in room light.

Camera 35mm film camera with manual controls for lens and shutter
Black & White Film (10-14 rolls) 35mm, 36 exposure, 400 speed
Paper: Kodak Polycontrast, Ilford Multigrade, Freestyle (resin coated (RC), 8 x 10", glossy (100 sheets)
3-ring binder
Negative files: 1 per roll of film shot
Print files: store prints, contact sheets
gloves (if needed)
Marker: Black sharpie, fine
Magnifying glass or loupe
Lens cleaning tissue or microfiber cleaning cloth
Mat board

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