florida - Paul Pearce

Paul W Pearce
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On our northern border - Fairhaven beach - lake Ontario
Converted Dodge {right hand drive} mail truck - mobile darkroom
ready to drive to Talahassee - southern border
Springtime Talahassee Parade -
Tacky Florida Postcard - hand colored
Mother's Day - Governor's mansion - Talahassee
Tacky Florida postcard - 35mm selfie - hand colored

"The Exectioner's song"
Governor Bob Graham -
Tacky Florida Postcard  Hand colored


"Old Sparky"
Florida state prison, Starke Florida -Death House -
Tacky Florida postcard - 4x5 contct print
Willie Jasper Darden
Florida governor Bob Graham signed Darden's first death warrant in 1979
Executed March 15, 1988

James McCray
commuted to life sentence
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