You're not-welcome - Paul Pearce

Paul W Pearce
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You're not-welcome

You're not welcome
Don't thank me for my service
don't ask me what I did
My country made me do it
and I was just a kid

One step forward, raise your hand
Swear you will obey
You just joined their big game
and threw your life away.

I never was a hero
Though that's what people say
What's so damn heroic
about blowing a family away?

No matter where the battle
in spite of suffering and pain
Even noble warriors
eventually die in vain.

Raise that flag up the staff
lower it down the pole
take your ribbons and your medals
and bury them in a hole

Don't thank me for my service
You haven't got a clue
you don't have any idea
what my country made me do

Lt Paul W Pearce


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