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Processing Black & White Panchromatic Film 

Flm is made of a base material (plastic) that is coated with a light sensitive material.

Film tank with cover,
Film cassette opener
In Dark Room or changing bag:
Open film cassette.
Pull out film.
Trim end square with scissors.
Load film on reel.
Put reel in tank  and cover.

Developing Film Setup:
Chemicals needed:
Developer: Mix fresh for your roll  Sprint mix 1 part concentrate with 9 parts water.
Stop Bath:  Use pre-mixed stop bath
Fixer:  Use pre-mixed fixer -test w/ hypo check
PermaWash:  in finishing room pre-mixed
Wetting agent (photo flo)


Processing Black & White Film 

PDF Handout

Developer time is very important - stop and fix can safely go longer than recommended time .
1) Make sure all chemicals are up to the same temperature
2) Measure developer temperature, determine time from data sheet*
3) Pre soak the film for one minute by filling the tank with plain water 
4) Empty pre-soak - pour in Developer - start timer
5) Cap small opening, Rap tank to dislodge bubbles, agitate gently for 30 sec.
6) Agitate every 30 sec till completion of time (Gently turn tank over 2 times)
7) 30 seconds before  time is completed - empty tank
8) Fill with Stop Bath agitate for 30 sec. Empty Stop Bath in container (save)
9) Pour in Fixer agitate continuously 30 sec. then 5 sec every minute
(time varies depending on fixer and type of film T-Max takes longer to fix)
Fix: Tri-X & HP5 for 5 minutes Delta 400, T-Max and Arista EDU for at least 10 minutes.
Now it is safe to expose film to light
Check for proper fixing. If there is a  purple color, re-fix for  more minutes.
10) Rinse in water one minute
11) agitate in perma wash one minute
12) Wash in water for 3 minutes
13) soak in Photo-flo (wetting agent) for 30 sec. 3 drops in tank of water.
14) Remove film from reel, drain (squeegee with wet fingers)
15) Hang to dry
16) Use light table (not dirty counter tops) to examine and cut film. Cut in 5 or 6 frame lengths to fit your film sleeve. Do not cut in single frame length-
17) Store film in plastic film sleeves.
Identify your film with your name, and date and roll number.
Log film in written record.
Treat your film very carefully. Keep it clean.



Mixed 1 part developer to 9 parts water
Link to complete chart

TEMP                68º         71º         75º
HP5                  10:00      8:00         6:30 
Delta400         11:30      9:00          7:30 

Tri-x                  10:00     8:00         6:30
T-Max              11:30      9:00          7:30