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Photo Shoot

At this point you should have confidence in your equipment and your ability to process film.
This exercise is a chance to demonstrate your mastery

Shoot one roll of film over one week, develop before class on Tuesday

You will need to carefully choose, compose and expose each shot you make.

  • Shoot One Roll of 35mm film - 36 exposures
  • Develop before Tuesday class- proof sheet in class
  • Your whole roll will be evaluated - each frame will receive points
  • 1 point for focus/exposure /movement
  • 1 point for  subject matter and composition
  • 1 point for  lighting - directional, shadows
  • Maximum points possible for 36 exposures - 108
    your score will be based on 100

SHOOT Guidelines:
No more than 3 exposures of the same subject

At LEAST 2 different landscapes

At LEAST 2 different still lifes (you can't use the studio)

At LEAST 2 different interior spaces (no dorm rooms)

At LEAST 2 different people (portraits or human condition)

Points will be deducted if these guidelines aren't followed

Make Proper Proof contact sheet, Scan into sharedrive folder

Fill out   Shoot Evaluation form