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Setting Up the Darkroom

Paper developer - Mix 1 part Sprint concentrate with 9 parts water.- marks on container
Stop Bath:
Yellow color = OK,
Purple or dark - dump drain
Mix with 12oz concentrate in bottle to make a gallon.
Check with Hypo Check>
Clear= OK ~ If cloudy - pour in waste container.
Never pour fixer down drain


Processing Prints

Make a test strip to determine the exposure.
Once exposed, label back of paper with your name or initials and any info related to making the print.

Develop - Immerse the print in developer, emulsion side down.
Check the time

Agitate by rocking the tray, turn the print over, continue agitating.

Drain print  over the developer tray 10 seconds before time is reached (usually one minute) use tongs.
Stop Bath  drop in tray for 15 seconds.
Use different tongs to move from stop to fix.

Fix for 2 Minutes
use fixer tongs to move to wash tray
Wash in tray in darkroom for at least one minute.
Use tray to carry print out of the darkroom to check.
Continue washing in room light for a total wash of 2-3 minutes.
Dry - squeegee the water off the print in drying room and send through the dryer.
Prints have to be large enough for dryer, no test strips.
Test strips and small prints are dried on the screens.


Darkroom Etiquette
(rules to work by) 

1) Knock on the darkroom doors when going in/out to warn people on the other side of the door.
2) Always use a tray to take wet prints from the darkroom to the squeegee area, then return the tray to the darkroom.
3) Keep dry areas DRY- do not bring wet prints, trays, etc. near the enlarger stations or paper cutters.
4) Dry your prints properly. RC paper 5x7in or larger can be put through the drier. Fiber-based paper and RC paper smaller than 5x7in go on the drying screens under the large table.
5) NEVER lift the negative stage while the enlarger light is on-the light will spill into the darkroom and damage other students' paper.
6) Don't mix-up the tongs. If one drops into the chemistry, please rinse it off and put it back on the edge of the tray.
7) DON'T LEAVE PRINTS OR TEST STRIPS IN THE WASH! If you don't want them, throw them out. If you want them, take them out after ten minutes on rinsing and properly dry them.
8) DON'T EAT IN THE DARKROOM. It is not safe or sanitary. The chemicals we use are health hazardous. ALWAYS wash your hands before you eat when you've been using the chemicals!
9) Clean up after yourself. Don't leave your messes and trash for the next person...
10) If something is broken, missing, leaking, or seems potentially urgent to fix, tell a teacher or lab monitor.
11) Be careful with the glass plates. They break easily. They are sharp when they break. They'll cut you. It'll hurt...and you will bleed.
12) NO CellPhones- they can give off light that could spoil work
13) Remember that you are sharing this space. Be considerate of others, be responsible in your use of the facilities, and be aware that we need to work together and do our own parts to make this space function properly