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Setting up your Camera    

Basic camera controlls and settings

  • Charge and install the battery

  • Insert memory card (format if new)

  • Attach lensSet Diopter setting for viewfinder
  • Focus Mode (manual, auto-s, auto-c)
  •  Lens Focus Mode (since some of my lenses have an AF and MF setting)
  •  Anti-shake (since you aren't supposed to use on tripod)
  •  Focus Point (multi, sel, center)
  • Set lens focus - auto or manual 
  • Check focus confirmation
  • Set image stabilization  (don't use on tripod)
  • Set shooting mode to one shot (not burst)
  • Set flash control
  • Set date and time
  • Set image size, type and quality JPG High Quality
  • ISO setting - auto or manual - lowest is finest quality
  • Set white balance to auto
  •  Shooting Mode (i.e. Program, Aperature Priority, Shutter Priority, etc)
  •  Metering Mode (i.e. multi-segment, center-weighted, spot)
  •  exposure compensation off
  • Set time for image review after shot
  • Review Zoom to check focus
  • Self timer settings
  •  Use manual to learn display - shots remaining, battery life etc