Lightwork 50th anniversary print sale

Light Work is hosting a print sale fundraiser to celebrate its 50th anniversary as an organization. 200+ Artists!

I returned from Vietnam with two 35mm cameras and a desire to learn everything I could about photography.
In 1973 I discovered LightWork Community Darkrooms and found a place for inspiration, guidance and support.
LightWork opened my eyes to a new and diverse world of image making and helped me grow as an artist.
I am proud to be a three time recipient of their Lightwork Grants.
As a teacher, Lightwork is an incredible resource for students to experience their gallery, their publications and collection.
I am excited to participate in this fundraising print sale, to be included with an amazing collection of artists.
I encourage you to visit this collection of awesome work and you will see what an honor this is.
I hope you can join me in supporting this national photographic treasure.

Lightwork 50th anniversary sale

ProperProof ~ Paul W. Pearce  

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