Made in NY 2024  March 23 to April 27

Schweinfurth Art Center
You're not welcome

Made in NY

Made in NY is the Schweinfurth Art Center’s annual juried exhibit of work made by artists who live in New York State.
Jurors Bill Hastings and Juan Perdiguero selected 70 pieces from 499 artists for Made in NY 2024.

Made in NY is an annual juried exhibit that features work by New York artists. The exhibit is an opportunity for artists residing in New York State to showcase their work in a competitive, juried exhibition. Prizes will be awarded, including $1,000 for Best of Show. The exhibit is open to all media, such as photography, sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing, fiber, installation, and video.

The free opening reception will be 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 23, 2024. Winners will be announced at 3 p.m.

This is the 27th year the Art Center has held the exhibit.

My piece was created  using a topographic map of Vietnam showing the Chu Pa mountain, site of  battles with the 24th NVA Regiment
My logbook shows the defensive artillery targets I fired. They are indicated by the red dots.  

image: "You're not welcome"
Vietnam Topo map, letterpress overprint, my forward observer logbook

Artist's Statement

Words for every reluctant, repentant, conscripted warrior:

"You're not welcome"

Don't thank me for my service, don't ask me what I did.
My country made me do it, and I was just a kid.

I never was a hero, though that's what people say.

What's so damn heroic about blowing a family away?

No matter where the battle, in spite of suffering and pain

Even noble warriors eventually die in vain.

Don't thank me for my service, you haven't got a clue.

You don't have any idea what my country made me do

Battle on Chu Pa Mountain
After Action Report
"You're not welcome" poem

"You're not welcome" song by the Bandwitts
"Diary of a Disposable Soldier" by Howard Rose Jr
Duties of a Forward observer

As an artillery forward observer, I used a map and compass to fire on the enemy. Where was my moral compass? I am diagnosed with "moral injury".

As a boy I played with toy soldiers. In WWI children played with wounded soldiers

I now place myself inside those wounded toy soldiers. My war will never end.

The battlefield is now still in trenches, and on the devices in our hands.

I met my best friend, Howard Rose, on the Chu Pa mountain. Howard was an infantry radio operator, I was his unit's forward observer.

I wrote "You're not welcome" in response to the "Thank you for your service" response I am given when I'm identified as a veteran. It has been recorded as a song by the Bandwitts.

Participating Artists

This year, there were 499 artist entries.  Jurors selected 70 pieces from 66 artists.
Joy Adams
Jerry Alonzo
Kathy Armstrong
Katherine Baca-Bielinis
Patricia Bacon
Jamie Banes
Stephen Barber
Cyndy Barbone
Brian Batista
Marna Bell
Paul Bergwall
Roger Bisbing
Lydia Boddie-Rice
Kathleen Bolin
Jody Borhani-D’Amico
Paul Brandwein
Ariel Bullion Ecklund
Nancy Callahan
Stephen Carlson
Fernando Carpaneda
Stephen Carpenter
Chris Charles

Eunsuh Choi
Sage Churchill-Foster
Susan Cohen
Bob Conge
Greg Cost
Nicholas Daniluk
Tielin Ding
Sharon Draghi
Benjamin Entner
Lori Farist
Kathleen Friedrich
Alan Garry
Robert Glisson
Kristy Guenther
Lindsey Guile
Jennifer Hecker
Dale Inglett
Jeffrey Kell
Sandra Kirker
John Kosboth
Claudia Lambdin
Mark Larsen

Amber Lia-Kloppel
Mauro Marinelli
Caitlin Marx
Elizabeth McMahon
Kathleen Miles
Gabriella Mirabelli
Robert Morgan
Kyle Mort
Willie Osterman
Amanda Parry Oglesbee
Paul Pearce
Mitchell Poon
Jaroslava Prihodova
Nancy Ridenour
Romilly Rinck
Daniel Rothenberg
Carmen Schaefer
Zachary Schulman
Gregory Williams
Gary L. Wolfe
James Young
Stefan Zoller