Made in NY 2022

Schweinfurth Art Center

Made in NY is the Schweinfurth Art Center’s annual juried exhibit of work made by artists who live in New York State.

The exhibit will open March 26, 2022, with 77 pieces by 70 artists selected from 842 submissions. The exhibit features artworks of all media including painting, photography, fiber art, ceramics, sculpture, and more. This is the 26th year the Art Center has held the exhibit.

Sacrament by Paul W Pearce

Made in NY 2022- Artist Statement- Paul W Pearce
Over one hundred years ago soldiers fought in bloody trenches.
Today there are soldiers in trenches in Ukraine waging war to defend their country.
We enter this world as innocents. We ultimately lose our naivety to become righteous, or evil, or a little of each. What is humanity and what if you lose it? Lessons we learn, games we play define us, inform our actions and our morality. As a forward observer In combat, a compass guided my way to direct lethal fire on the enemy. Where was my moral compass?

Moral injury, they say I have it. I look back at an innocent boy who made war with toy soldiers. Where was my moral compass? What happened when I played war?

Now old toys, from an era that suffered from war, wounded and suffering toys. I embed my childhood face and wonder where I would be if I really knew the consequences of these playtime battles.

What compass guides a person in authority to beat someone with a club or kneel on a neck until there is no more life?

Are we still stuck in trenches?