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photo cheat sheet

Film Developing App

Exposure guide

Camera Simulator

Darkroom Drawer Contents

Artists Survey Form


Paul Pearce

Criticizing Photographs Readings

f/stop and Shutter Speed handout (Adobe PDF File 187k)
Controlling Depth of Field
Depth Of Field overview (PDF file)
Depth Of Field Calculator

Contrast Control Guide Sheet - Polycontrast Filters (PDF File)

Pinhole Camera Resource Site

Film Developing Guide

Olympus 5050 Guide


Lighting Assignment -Critique Thurs Mar 27

People Assignment Complete over Spring Break- develop before class
Thursday Mar 6th Midterm Quiz - Bring your camera
Tuesday Mar 4 - Finish Motion assignment

Thursday Feb 27th - critique of DOF -

Tuesday Feb 25th Finish the DOF Assignment - develop film before class

Depth of Field assignment and guides

Talking Pictures

We will start with the DOF assignment and finish up the class by making a gorgeous 8X10 print
For Tuesday - Feb 18th - Finish and develop 2nd Roll before class
In class - Finish contrast control - Burn and Dodge Exercise
Black White and Gray Exercise __BWG Handout____ Contrast Control Exercise
Masters of Photography Form Form Responses
Tuesday Feb 11th - First Print

Thurs Feb 05 - Proper Proof Sheet Bring Film sleeve, magnifier, sharpie
Slideshow instructions
First Roll Checklist shoot your first roll over weekend
film - make sure your battery works.
Film developing Guide (PDF Version)
Making a Contact Sheet
Review this PDF on photograms



information form

  First Roll PDF  
  Log sheet :  
  Making a Contact Sheet Contact sheet album
  Motion Assignment  
  Depth of Field Assignment  
  Burn and Dodge exercise (4 pieces; test strip, smooth greyscale, smooth black spot. smooth white spot)
  Contrast control exercise (3 prints with test strips - Normal, High Contrast, Low contrast)
  Masters of Photography  
  Lighting Assignment  
  People Assignment  
  Video Review Form  
  exploring photographers  
  Inspired-By assignment  
  Final Portfolio  
  LightWork Contact Sheet Archives  

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