SUNY Oswego ____ART 243:Digital Photography 1 _____Paul Pearce

Spring 2010 Class Information for new students

Fall 2010 Calendar
Be Sure to Bring Your Camera to Class

Monday Dec 6- Print your best final portfolio image
Complete your Final Portfolio

Report on Artist Links
Artist Links
Advanced Artist Links

For Wednesday- November 9
Photographing People" assignment

Fill out Form for your Library Book

Library Book Photographer review

Lighting assignment:
Depth of Field
Depth of Field Overview
Depth of field examples

Motion Control assignment
White Balance Exercise

White Balance Album
Annie Leibovitz- clebrity

Picture this response

Artist Responses
Class Response to Picture This Video

Wednesday - Dec 1-
Inspired-By Critique/Presentation (Should be completed BEFORE class)
(You will have a short period to change your artist statement slide)

You will complete the presentation on Monday 11/29
You will introduce your project and show it in a class critique on Wednesday December 1
Monday 11/22
Have completed 2nd Shoot of
You will make a second draft presentation

You will finish up the assignment over Thanksgiving Break

Fill out this form and discuss your project with me.
Inspired-By assignment Proposal form

Shoot over the weekend-
we will look over your first shoot on Monday 11/15.


Equipment Requirements ________Syllabus (web)___Choosing a digital camera______Photographer Video Review Form___



Exploring a Space Assignment
Black White Gray Exercise WEB
Black White Gray Examples
Leibovitz Video Review Form

Leibovitz Followup Form

Class responses to Miley Cyrus Photograph


  1. Photo Vocabulary

Photo Vocabulary

Close-up adapter DSLR cameras

Depth of Field Assignment
Motion Control Assignment

Gnome Depth of Field/ Motion album HighSpeed Photos
People Assignment
Inspired By assignment
Artist Statement
Lighting assignment:

Clone tool - layers

Richard Avedon Video Review


information forms and exercises

Susan Sontag
On Photography

Video Review Form_
KT Auleta
Transform- a short film by Zach Arias
Richard Avedon Video
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Help
Adobe CS4 Bridge Help___
Review Joey L Video
Leibovitz- life through a lens video

Century of Images
Video Review Class Responses

Photo Auction Results

Masters of Photo Responses


Portraits of Hunger

Dump Sites

Stephen Chalmers


End of F09