Recent exhibits

Paul W Pearce

Life and Death

International Group Exhibition
Duration: From 15-May-2023 To 15-Jul-2023

Life and Death
A thought-provoking journey that transcends borders and cultures through our internationally renowned group exhibition, "Life and Death 2023”. This captivating exhibition brings together a diverse collection of artworks that defies conventions, embracing the complexities of existence with artistic flair.

All Quiet on the front

Digital Photograph  22X30

Artist statement:
Over one hundred years ago soldiers fought in bloody trenches. Today there are soldiers in trenches in Ukraine waging war to defend their country. We enter this world as innocents. We ultimately lose our naivety to become righteous, or evil, or a little of each. What is humanity and what if you lose it? Lessons we learn, games we play define us, inform our actions and our morality. As a forward observer In combat, a compass guided my way to direct lethal fire on the enemy. Where was my moral compass? I have moral injury. I look back at an innocent boy who made war with toy soldiers. What happened when I played war? Now I use old toys, from an era that suffered from war, wounded and suffering toys. I wonder where I would be if I knew the consequences of these playtime battles. Are we still stuck in trenches, mired in cultural battle? Have we ventured far from the cave? The battlefield is in mud and on the screens in our hands and on our walls.

Lightwork 50th Anniversary

Everson Museum
January 28 through May 14, 2023

                             FIRE works
An expansive and thoughtful curation of images and objects that have entered Light Work’s Collection since the organization’s inception in 1973.
More than 4,000 photographic prints, objects, and ephemera from an extensive and diverse archive are the basis of this exhibition. The selection maps out the many programs and partnerships representing fifty years of our commitment to increasing the visibility of lens-based artists.


SUNY Oswego
February 7-26   2023

A showcase of both old and new work by Paul Pearce, a combat veteran who is haunted by his past. His work has evolved from anti-war to an introspective exploration of this culture of war and violence. He believes we exist in a world of tension and division, a dark cloud of fear and paranoia threatens our sense of well being.

Made in NY

Schwweinfurth Art Center
March 25 - May 28th
Opening Reception March 25

                           Insidious Invasion
Made in NY is the Schweinfurth Art Center’s annual juried exhibit of work made by artists who live in New York State.

This year, there were 561 entries. Jurors selected 81 pieces from 79 artists to be featured in the exhibition. The exhibit features artworks of all media including painting, photography, fiber art, ceramics, sculpture, and more. This is the 27th year the Art Center has held the exhibit.

ProperProof ~ Paul W. Pearce  

Nothing made sense and neither did everything else.